German Sausages

German travellers often struggle with the lack of good quality bread here in this country and refer to new Zealand as a bread desert. We would like to add to that: it also is a sausage desert! When we first came back to New Zealand in 2011 we started making our own bread and our own sausages right away. Sourdough bread (the way we like it) was not available to buy in the area, and neither were good enough sausages. We believe that sausages should be healthy and yummy and made from meat only. No fillers and flours and cereals, no nitrates and preservatives. Our sausages are like “Thueringer Bratwurst”, gluten free and to some “the best sausage of New Zealand”.


Sauerkraut is a true superfood which is high in Vitamin C and a highly active probiotic. We self-ferment our Sauerkraut in old fashioned clay pots for a minimum of 6 weeks.

The red Sauerkraut features some carrot next to the red cabbage while white Sauerkraut is made from white Cabbage only. It is great warmed as a side dish to meat but also delicious cold in salads or on a sandwich.


Ron brought this ancient recipe with him from Germany. Lots of pork liver and beneficial animal fats plus a secret mix of spices make this the absolute winner on fresh bread or crackers. No preservatives or colours - hence the little attractive grey colour.


Ron loves his mustard so he had to make his own. This one is a traditional german mustard, which has a decent bite to it but the longer we age it, the softer, yet full bodied, it gets. We start selling our mustard when a few months old.


Very high in protein content and a cousin to Yogurt and Cottage Cheese we use a lot of Quark in our baking. It adds a beautifully fresh layer to some of our Cakes, Quark gateaux and Turnovers. We normally have a tub or two in our deli fridge so that you can use it too.

Spread it on some Pretzel baking topped with chives or beat some whipped cream into it, then add berries.

We don't make the Quark ourselves, but we source it from a great little cheese factory in Northland:

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