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We invest a lot of time into our breads, after all it is bread that we are most passionate about. Being a staple of most peoples diet we believe that we cannot compromise on breads quality.

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Bread - Why Sourdough?

Bread will be bread, won’t it? Well, not quite. Bread is not a protected term which means that anything that somehow looks like one may be called bread.

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Sweet Baking

We make a range of cakes, gateaux and pastries which varies according to the seasons and to customers requests.

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We have a range of products in our delicatessen including: German sausages, Kraut, Liverpaté, Mustard, Quark.

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All our breads are fermented for at least 12 hours by our natural sourdough starters. The breads are made from filtered water, NZ sea salt and flour and, if stated, some seeds or fruit.

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