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Tell me why I do like Mondays

Posted by Annika February 05, 2016 in Personal

Tell me why I do like Mondays

Our four year old daughter is learning the days of the week and she is putting them into the right order for one reason only: she wants to know how many sleeps until next Monday.

Next Monday will be the next time her Dad is at home when she wakes up in the morning. Next Monday is the only day of the week that we have breakfast together and get to spend the whole day together as a family. It’s only on Mondays that the oldest gets to sit on my lap, because on all the other days of the week that lap is taken by the one year old, or the three year old, or by both of them. 

Mondays are the next best thing after Black Forest Cake, our children reckon. And I totally agree.

These kids really want us parents around. Family time is on the top of their list and we all know that this will change one grim teenage day in the future. Mum and Dad will be out of fashion for a while.

So what’s the news?

Because our children are the most amazing little creatures in our world and because we love them to bits we will do them and us a big favour: 

We will sell The German Bakery and take some time off work. Yeeha!

We will be sad to go (me personally, I am very probably going to bawl my eyes out), but we are excited to move on, too. Especially knowing sunny, fun and child friendly times are ahead. 

Very few people reach the end of their life and regret they have earned too little money - but many regret not to have spent enough time with their loved ones. 

We hope all our dear customers understand…

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