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freeset Tees in Waihi

Posted by Annika December 10, 2015 in Products

freeset Tees in Waihi

This surely is gonna make you do your Christmas shopping in Waihi:

our new Tees have arrived from Kolkata, India. Women, who once were trapped in the Sex trade have been given the chance to change their destiny around and towards freedom. They are working for freeset, producing jute bags and T-shirts from 100% organic cotton and under fair trade conditions.

I first heard about freeset through our local Baptist Church and loved the concept right away. So i hopped online, with the intention of buying some shirts for the kids and for us. I had to find that the few prints available weren’t exactly my cuppa tea… so what to do?

We decided to make our own and to let The German Bakery support the awesome work freeset is doing. We have designed something that means a lot to us and that is so much bigger than just these few words.

Bake slow, Eat slow, Live slow!

We strongly believe in SlowFood - that’s kind of obvious, aye - but we also believe that many other aspects of life in our society should be dialed right down.

Ride your pushbike to work, spend your holidays in the country you live in, light a candle for family meals, let your lawn go wild, read the kids three bedtimes stories, go op-shopping, make your own christmas presents… or give a freeset Tee :)

Merry Christmas everyone!!

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