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Baking with Rose petals

Posted by Annika November 30, 2015 in Products

Baking with Rose petals

Oh yummm!! Everyone who has spent some time in Germany around the Christmas season surely would have tasted it, the traditional Christmas Stollen. The British have their Christmas Fruit cake, the Portuguese their Bolo Rei and we make Stollen. 

It takes a ton of butter to make a Stollen and it pays to spread even more on top of it, if you really want to enjoy it.

And by the way, there doesn’t seem to be real evidence out there that high cholesterol causes heart disease. True.

Us personally, we love Stollen with the Marzipan filling. It just adds even more deliciousness and Christmas flavour. But what to do if you cannot buy decent Marzipan in the country you live in? Well, DIY. Ron just makes his own. Pretty straight forward once you have got the Rosewater sussed. 

So he doesn’t actually bake with the petals but he extracts their smell, flavour and beauty and adds that to his Marzipan. And for once we are grateful to be celebrating Christmas in summer - Roses in bloom wherever you look. At least, when you live in Waikino.

Lucky us!

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