Sweet Baking

We make a range of cakes, gateaux and pastries which varies according to the seasons and to customers requests.

As a rule of thumb our products contain less sugar than the ordinary bakers range. We sweeten with fruit and unrefined sugars where possible and using a lot of high quality nuts and unsalted butter means the demand for high sugar usage decreases.

Traditional german cakes and gateaux like the glutenfree German Cheesecake, Beesting, Wave of Danube and Blackforest Gateau are regulars in our display chiller.

Other delicacies are Pig Ears, Apple turnovers, Apple Strudel; but also Chocolate Croissants and Mueslibars, Chocolate Brownies and Quark and Prune Snails - just to name a few.

Want something for that special occasion?

For special occasions we can create whole cakes in various sizes or platters full of mixed goodies, sized to your liking.

Please come in for a browse or talk to us if you are looking for something in particular.

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Our Opening Hours

Wednesday to Friday: 9am - 3pm
Saturday: 9am - 1pm
Sunday, Monday, Tuesday: CLOSED
Find us at The Hamilton Farmers Market on Sunday: 8am - 12pm

NOTE: From May 2019 onwards we will be shut for the winter.
We plan to reopen Labour Weekend (October) 2019.