All our breads are fermented for at least 12 hours by our natural sourdough starters. The breads are made from filtered water, NZ sea salt and flour and, if stated, some seeds or fruit. They (and all our products) are free from preservatives, enzymes, stabilisers, humectants or other additives.

Prices are inclusive of GST.

CO = Certified Organic
GF = Gluten Free
DF = Dairy Free

Sourdough Breads

Farmers Rye Loaf Strong crust with a very fine inner body. 60% rye flour, 40% wheat flour. 600g
Sprouted Grains
Fully sprouted wholegrains (Rye and Purple wheat) are sourdough fermented and then baked slowly at low temperatures. Possibly the healthiest bread out there. 700g $10.00
Very moist body which stays fresh for many days. Sunflower seeds throughout it. 100% ryeflour. 700g $8.50
Pumpkin Cloud
(CO, DF)
Made from Spelt and Wheat flours this bread is made for those who love a light body, yet don’t want to miss out on great nutrition. Thoroughly fermented and full of well soaked Chia and Pumpkin seeds. 700g $8.00
Fitness Loaf
(CO, DF)
Made from a third of each: rye flour, wholemeal wheat and organic purple wheat flour. Well soaked sesame, linseed, sunflower seeds make it a highly nutritious option. 700g $8.50
Buckwheat Sourdough
(CO, GF, DF)
100% Buckwheat flour paired with well soaked linseed. 700g $9.00
Country Cob
Mainly made from Wheat flour, including 40% wholemeal, this is crunchy crusted yet soft at core. Traditional white Sourdough how granny used to make it. 750g $6.00
Sourdough Baguette
Made from our rye starter which then is fed with 100% wheat flour for fermentation. A classical Baguette stick. 500g $4.50
80% wheatflour, 20% ryeflour and organic extra virgin olive oil sourdough fermented and kneaded the traditional way to create the airy structure. 600g $6.00
Fennel and Fig Wholemeal
Our mediterranean favourite: Wholemeal sourdough base with dried figs and fennel seeds. 750g $7.50
(CO, DF)
Traditionally made: 100% rye fermented for 24 hours minimum. The slow and ultralong baking process causes starches of the rye to caramelize, hence the unique 'sweet' flavour. 700g $14.00

Pretzel Baking

Pretzel Traditional salty knobs made from a yeast dough. Finished of with the classical Pretzel dip. 100g $2.50
Bacon & Cheese Pretzel Pretzel topped with crispy bacon and melted tasty cheese. 120g $4.50
Pretzel stick Pretzel baking shaped like a small Baguette. 250g $4.50
Pretzel bun Pretzel baking. 120g $1.50

Cakes & Gateaux

Applestrudel Traditionally made from Strudel dough, diced apples and raisins. ~ 40cm long $30.00
Russian Cheesecake Chocolate dough base filled with creamy Quark baking. 26cm (diameter) $65.00
Orange Almond Cake
(GF, DF)
Gluten and dairyfree. Moist and fruity. 26cm (diameter) $65.00
Poppyseed Quark Cake Super light poppyseed baking paired with smooth Quark. 26cm (diameter) $65.00
Black Forest Gateau Traditional Blackforest Gateau. Chocolate cake in layers filled with cream and cherries. 26cm (diameter) $70.00
Beesting Traditional German Beesting filled with vanilla custard and topped with honey caramelized almonds. 26cm (diameter) $65.00
German Cheesecake
Consisting of mainly Quark this is a glutenfree cake which is baked and shows a very smooth and fresh tasting profile 26cm (diameter) $65.00
Linzer Tart After an Austrian recipe filled with almonds and spices and topped with the traditional raspberry jam. 28cm (diameter) $65.00
Chocolate Cherry Cake
Made from almond flour and enriched with juicy cherries, a delicious glutenfree option. Cherries can be omitted on request 26cm (diameter) $65.00

Pastries & Cakes

Full of Millet & supergrain Quinoa and dried figs, apricots, coconut, raisins and seeds.   $5.50
Apple Turnover Danish pastry filled with diced apple and Quark. Sugar glazed.   $5.50
Brioche Buttery yeast baking with french origins.   $5.00
Franz bun Traditional baking from the city of Hamburg. Caramelized cinnamon on and throughout typically folded dough.   $4.50
Pig’s Ear Caramelized flaky pastry dipped in chocolate, with a hint of cinnamon.   $4.50
Hazelnut Almond Wheel Yeast dough with ground Hazelnuts and Almonds.   $6.00
Berliner German Jam Doughnut.   $3.50
Prune & Quark Snail Danish pastry with dried prunes and vanilla Quark.   $5.50
Butter Croissant Deliciously buttered flaky pastry.   $2.50
Almond or Chocolate Croissant Our homemade Croissant filled with a homemade almond paste or high quality dark chocolate.   $5.50
Sourdough HotXBuns
A yummolicious, low sugar, low GI version of the classic. Made from cert. organic stoneground wheat flour, raisins, dairy and spices.
(Only available during lent)


Real Meat Pie Filled with our european Goulash, made from Rumpsteak and Tasty Cheese.   $6.80
German Sausage Roll
Our homemade Sausage with homemade mustard, wrapped in a freshly baked pretzel bun.   $5.50
Ham & Cheese Croissant Croissant filled with ham and cheese.   $4.50
Vegetarian Quiche Vegetables of the season in delicious melt-in-your-mouth pastry.   $5.50


German mustard
(GF, DF)
Our homemade mustard. 110mL $5.00
German Sausages
Homemade preservative free pork sausages. 100% meat, in natural casings. Pack of 4 (frozen) $9.00
(GF, DF)
Traditionally self fermented for a minimum six weeks. Sprayfree cabbage. 300g $8.50
German liver paté
Traditional pork liver pate. preservative free. Prices are inclusive of GST. 110mL
Red Sourkraut
(GF, DF)
Traditionally self fermented for a minimum of six weeks. Made from red cabbage and carrots. 300g $8.50
Traditional Blue Kraut with apple
(GF, DF)
Marinated with spices and red wine, slow cooked red cabbage. The perfect companion to rustic meat dishes. 300g $8.00

Bring back your empty, clean jar and we will reimburse you $1 per jar. Help us recycle - for the sake of our planet!

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